Automate inventory management on Salesforce with Rootstock - demo

Automate Inventory Management on Salesforce with Rootstock
Wouldn’t it be great if your salespeople had complete visibility of on-hand inventory, available to promise information and delivery status inside of CRM? And wouldn’t it be great if your inventory planning was more closely aligned with the customer demand seen in CRM? For Rootstock and Salesforce users, that’s not a dream. It’s something they actually achieve every day.

Watch this on-demand demo and discover how Rootstock's Inventory Management module on Salesforce allows you to effortlessly allocate and control your inventory through automation. This demo covers:

  • Inventory Management: Balance supply and demand, optimize your supply chain and improve inventory cost accuracy.
  • Lot & Serial Control: Trace the source of supply or production for any item
  • Device History: See how items are tracked throughout their entire lifecycle
  • Available to Promise: Accurately track on-hand inventory and improve customer responsiveness

Watch the on-demand demo now!