The Death of Big Software - How Complexity/Cloud/Cost/Digital Transformation Killed the Code Giants

Steve Andriole leads off this article in a recent Forbes article with "Who in their right mind would undertake a five-year ERP software implementation project? Five years is a corporate lifetime and those that approve the project are likely to be long gone by the time the project reports its first missed milestones."

He then goes on to say that he failure rate for big software projects is anywhere between 50 and 75 percent. So, going in, management knows the project is likely to fail. Are these failure rates the reason why big software is dead?, he asks. Partly.

Another reason is that when a company embarks on a multi-year journey with an ERP vendor they cede significant – if not total – process control to that vendor. The vendors define the processes to save their clients from self-destruction. He cites many of the issues.

The cloud has also killed big software, Andriole reports. He reviews some of the problems with the complexity of huge, standardized software systems and how, during implementation, costs would continually rise. Enter the cloud and small software cloud-based alternatives that scale, integrate and share process control through customization tools deliberately built into the “modules.” The article finishes with an analysis of what this means for the future.

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