Understanding Customization on the Cloud Part 1

Understanding Customization on the Cloud Understanding Customization on the Cloud

Looking back on the history of ERP systems we can learn that customization is inevitable when implementing a new ERP system. The chances are slim that an ERP system will work for an individual company straight out of the box.

Every company has their own business processes, best practices, and systems already in place and implementation of an ERP system needs to flex and fit into those pre-determined molds. Personalization isn’t optional – it’s necessary to enhance the functionality of the software for a specific company. Customizations can complicate and lengthen the processes of implementation and updating.

With the rise of Cloud ERP systems, this fact doesn’t change - there still is a need for customizations and changes to be made. The question is, is it easier, harder, or the same to customize on the Cloud? What new challenges do companies face with the Cloud for customizations? What new advances does the Cloud have in terms of customizations? Stay tuned for part two to see the answers to those questions.


Samuel Wood is the Vice President of Software Engineering at Rootstock. Connect with him via Google+.