"What Is the Definition of ERP in Today's World?"

The Answer is on the ManufacturingAutomation.com Website

What is the definition of ERP in today's world? That's a question on many a manufacturer's or distributor's mind. In a seeming contradiction, the definition of ERP keeps changing even while ERPs' popularity keeps rising. For example, the SaaS-based ERP software market is growing at a compound annual growth rate of better than 114 per cent. Rootstock CEO Pat Garrehy explains why in a recent article on ManufacturingAutomation.com.

The rising popularity of new ERP systems has much to do with manufacturers (and distributors) employing ERP systems that are anywhere from ten to 30 years old. Since so much has changed in these marketplaces, especially in the last decade, these organizations are finding that their ERP systems, which worked so well in the past, are creating problems in the present. They need to move on. Garrehy goes on to explain why.

Garrehy then enlightens the reader with the evolution of Cloud ERP from its infancy as MRP through MRP II, CIM and On-Premise ERP. He cautions how, in the rush to the Cloud, many Manufacturing Lite ERPs are either severely limited in functionality or they are only replications of predecessor legacy ERP packages supporting a single business type. He also details why many Manufacturing ERP users also need Distribution ERP, referring to the combination as Comprehensive Manufacturing Cloud ERP

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