Which States Are the Manufacturing Leaders?

If you were given the hint that big oil, computer/electronics and chemical companies dominate industry rankings and influence state rankings in IndustryWeek magazine's U.S. 500, would that help you guess the Top 2? The state with the most companies in the U.S. 500 is California, with 64 companies versus number 2 Texas with 55. Last year, they were tied with 61 apiece.

The report, from IndustryWeek, provides a map showing how many Top 500 companies are in each state and the revenues that they produce. A chart also shows the national figures per industry. For those that might be wondering where their customers are located or might be planning expansions, this report could be quite helpful. Go to http://www.industryweek.com/industryweek-us-500/california-unseats-texas-top-iw-us-500-manufacturing-state