Why Partnerships Between Vendors Are Important

See What Enterprise Times Says about the New Rootstock/Revenova Collaboration

Earlier this July, we sent out a press release announcing that that we and Chicago-based Revenova, LLC will work together to help customers easily integrate Rootstock's Manufacturing/Distribution ERP and Revenova’s cloud-based transportation management system (Revenova TMS) to maximize efficiency in their customers' supply chains. Since both companies are Salesforce OEM/ISV partners, Revenova clients will be able to more quickly, easily and affordably deploy Rootstock's popular ERP, which provides the breadth and depth of logistics applications needed by transportation specialists, to manufacturing companies, distributors, brokers and 3PL organizations. Likewise, Rootstock's manufacturing and distribution users will find it easier to implement Revenova's popular transportation management system to tighten their supply chains.

Only two days later, Steve Brooks of Enterprise Times followed up, explaining to this readers an in-depth article on why this was especially important. He states, "The strength of SaaS platforms is not just about the integration of disparate app with the core applications but also with each other." He later adds that "With both apps sitting on Salesforce, there are obvious advantage to customers who need both sets of business functionality.

To read the entire article, go to http://www.enterprisetimes.co.uk/2016/07/08/building-a-new-networked-erp/.