On-premise ERP vendors suggest there’s no difference between their ROI and the ROI you get from cloud. They’re wrong.

Nucleus Research Case Study: Cloud ERP Gets 43 Percent Faster Payback

In “Cloud ERP Gets 43 Percent Faster Payback,” Nucleus Research examines the data from 45 case studies, done over eight years, to explode the myth that you’ll get a similar ROI from your ERP solution whether it’s on-premise or in the cloud.

Read this Nucleus brief and discover why:

  • Cloud offers much better ROI, in every industry, regardless of implementation scope
  • Cloud customers spend one-fifth as much on consulting as on-premise ERP customers
  • You should think twice before trusting the claims of any on-premise ERP vendor

Nucleus analyst Seth Lippincott says, “Vendors that aren’t adopting a ‘cloud first’ strategy risk being left behind…” If you don’t want to be stranded with them, consider moving to cloud.

Download and read this Nucleus paper today for more details!