Discover how to avoid the traps that can sabotage your growth

It’s a sad story, repeated too often. A manufacturer’s products catch fire and growth explodes. Then, just when it looks like the next level is in reach, the wheels fall off. Customer satisfaction plummets. Employees and systems are overwhelmed. The growth curve turns down.

Watch “How Manufacturers Can Survive (and Thrive) I High-Growth Mode,” part three of our “Discover Rootstock ERP” Webinar Series, to hear an industry pro (David Bush, our Sr. Manufacturing Consultant, has over 30 years of manufacturing and MRP/ERP experience) discuss:
  • What is “hockey stick growth,” and why is the period just before it happens so critical?
  • The three crucial components you must have to sustain exponential revenue growth after it begins
  • Why Rootstock Cloud ERP, running on the powerful Salesforce platform, is the right solution to establish and maintain robust growth
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