Don’t let a global supply chain impact your quality standards. Use these insider tips to manage quality effectively.

The more diverse and dispersed your supply chain grows, the harder it becomes to consistently manage quality, especially if you’re still depending on manual processes.

Watch “Practical Tips to Manage Manufacturing Quality Across Global Supply Chains,” part five of our “Discover Rootstock ERP” Webinar Series. You’ll get four big ideas from Rootstock’s David Bush and Nikki Willett, Chief Strategy Officer of ComplianceQuest – two industry pros with over 30 years of experience each – on how to get the best results from your supply chain.

Willett and Bush will explain why you want to use – and always integrate – Enterprise Resource Planning and Enterprise Quality Management software to manage your global supply chain. They’ll demonstrate how to use software to:
  • Maintain regular interaction with suppliers, to help ensure quality, safety, compliance and performance
  • Oversee of your suppliers’ quality performance, so you know they’re meeting your expectations
  • Conduct receiving and in-line inspections to keep non-conforming materials out of your inventory
  • Deliver the detailed documentation of changes that are essential, especially for regulated and ISO certified companies
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