Held back by too many spreadsheets and disconnected systems? So was Pro-Tech. Discover how they turned it all around with cloud ERP.

“Spreadsheets, spreadsheets, and more spreadsheets.” That – along with outdated software and siloed systems – is how Chris Muto, Sales Operations Manager, describes what the operational environment was like at Pro-Tech. It stifled growth and profitability.

Watch “Pro-Tech Replaces Spreadsheets and Old Software with Rootstock” to learn how this vertically integrated discrete manufacturer of multi-use snow plows successfully moved to Rootstock’s cloud-based, integrated enterprise ERP solution, and transformed their business. Muto covers:
  • The pain of daily operational life at Pro-Tech before the switch to Rootstock
  • Why Pro-Tech ultimately chose Rootstock, and how they prepared for implementation
  • The benefits of one connected system, plus the ROI and operational improvements it delivers
  • How Rootstock works for Pro-Tech, and what they’ve learned since going live
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