Part 2: “Is Your ERP Ready for the Age of Personalization?”


As a third-generation, family-owned maker of very high-end bed and bath linens, Matouk wanted to stay in Fall River, MA, their home for 90 years. But with their industry rapidly moving offshore to lower their costs, they wondered how they could stay and not just compete, but grow.

Watch this video, the second of three, to discover how Matouk uses their unified CRM/ERP solution to personalize products and customer relationships in ways that competitors without similar technology – and the insights from data that come with it – can’t hope to match. You’ll learn about: 

  • Specific applications and capabilities that make it much easier for Matouk to deliver highly personalized – even individualized – products and service
  • The unique value added by the ecosystem of developers working on the Salesforce Platform
  • How transparency and universal access to data has increased the speed and agility of Matouk’s business 

The Matouk success story is a fascinating demonstration of what you can accomplish when you’re prepared to embrace the Age of Personalization.