Your ERP system helps drive your business. But your business has changed. Maybe you need to change your ERP system, too

Is it Time to Replace Your Legacy ERP?

How many years ago did you turn on your Enterprise Resource Planning system? How drastically has your business changed since then? And how fast is the resulting gap growing between what your ERP system can actually do, and what you need it to do?
Manufacturers everywhere are dealing with these questions. That’s why Rootstock founder and CEO Pat Garrehy (who has had a front row seat to the evolution of ERP for the last 30 years or so) wrote “Is it Time to Replace Your Legacy ERP?” 

Read this short, enlightening piece to get Pat’s perspective on:

  • The state of legacy ERP systems, and the market realities that are exposing their weaknesses
  • The five sure signs that your legacy ERP system is making you less competitive every day
  • The tangible benefits of cloud-based ERP, as lived by two manufacturers
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