From plan to shipment: see how end-to-end ERP can transform the performance of your make to stock manufacturing operation

ERP in the Distribution Industry Rootstock/Ultra Webinar
If you’re interested in what a cloud-based ERP solution can do for you (and yes, you should be very interested), watch “Make to Stock Manufacturing: End-to-End ERP for Manufacturing Supply Chains” for a detailed, live demo. You’ll learn how Rootstock ERP can help you:
  • Communicate and collaborate in real-time, internally and externally, based on current information that is pushed to you
  • Respond quickly to anomalies and issues with robust exception management
  • Make product planning virtually friction-free
  • Improve visibility into supply and demand and simplify capacity planning
  • Fully integrate sales and CRM functions with your ERP
  • Turn inventory requirements into purchase orders with just a few clicks
  • Save time by seamlessly automating cost accounting functions
Download and watch this demo today!