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Making the Best Platform Decision to Support Decision-Making with Boston Dynamics & CIO.com


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Making the Best Platform Decision to Support Decision-Making with Boston Dynamics & CIO.com

Today’s CIOs have a very different role than their peers of yesteryear. They are still the representative of the business for technology decisions, but in the cloud-era, there are fewer infrastructure decisions like server sizing or storage strategies—today, it’s all about the data. Data may be the new oil, but how to “refine” it into accurate, actionable insights for decision-making is the nirvana state for executives.

From product design to sourcing, production, and finance, data drives the discussions and ultimately fuels decisions made by business leaders across your manufacturing enterprise. How was the data collected, and by whom? Was it digitally collected or transcribed? Is it timely or already too late? No matter how colorful your dashboards are, if they don’t tell the right story, they could be actually doing more harm than good.

Join Chad Wright, CIO of Boston Dynamics and winner of the Boston CIO Corporate Orbie award for 2022, as he outlines his journey to digitally transform a 29-year-old government contractor into a commercial robot juggernaut that is redefining the category. Chad will share his approach of choosing Rootstock, a next-generation manufacturing ERP, on a next-generation cloud platform to define and build literally every business process from the ground up. Listen to how Boston Dynamics was able to weather the pandemic by implementing an off-the-shelf eCommerce platform that virtually snapped into the Salesforce Platform in weeks and how all of this has fueled the explosion of commercial robots that are already addressing the labor shortage by attacking jobs, too dangerous or demanding for humans.

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Rootstock is the #1 ERP system for organizations that manufacture, distribute, and service goods on the Salesforce Platform.

Adapts quickly to customer needs and business changes.

One system for your customers, suppliers and employees.

Know your customers and your business across ERP and CRM.

Empower business users to build tailored apps with clicks not code.

Easily create guided flows with ERP governance and business rules.