Discover what it takes to deliver the personalized experience your manufacturing customers want and expect.


By now, you’ve certainly heard the term “Personalized Manufacturing.” But what does it mean? Why do you need to care (a lot) about it? How can you make it happen? How can Rootstock help?

Watch “Personalized Manufacturing: What You Need to Know” for the answers to these questions, and more. Tom Brennan and Dave Bush – two Rootstock leaders with a combined 60+ years of ERP and industry experience – will help you understand:
  •  “The Amazon Effect,” and other key drivers and enablers of Personalized Manufacturing
  • The role of the cloud in delivering a personalized customer experience
  • How ERP and CRM are evolving in response to this trend
  • The critical ERP features you need to succeed with Personalized Manufacturing
  • How Rootstock customers are bringing Personalized Manufacturing to life
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