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Production Management Fully Automated


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Production Management Fully Automated
27 Min. On-Demand Demo

Do you rely on spreadsheets or sticky notes for parts of your production management process? If yes, you are not alone. Did you know that Rootstock has helped numerous manufacturers like yourself fully automate their production management over the years? Watch this 27-minute on-demand demo to see for yourself how we do it.

You will discover how to:

- Use work orders and scheduling together to know when purchased items are required, and needed parts are available.
- Easily balance production with material supply using an intuitive drag-and-drop scheduler.
- Use tightly integrated project control to plan, track and cost by project.

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Rootstock is the #1 ERP system for organizations that manufacture, distribute, and service goods on the Salesforce Platform.

Adapts quickly to customer needs and business changes.

One system for your customers, suppliers and employees.

Know your customers and your business across ERP and CRM.

Empower business users to build tailored apps with clicks not code.

Easily create guided flows with ERP governance and business rules.