Don't Get Cloud Washed - See Real Cloud ERP in Action!

Cloud Washed and Real Cloud ERP 1200x800

Did you know that some of today's ERP vendors are “cloud washing” their legacy systems (adding the word cloud to old products) and promoting their hosted systems as the real thing? Real Cloud ERP is always flexible, truly modern, and digitally connected. 

Watch this on demand webinar and see why Rootstock is a "real" Cloud ERP. See how Rootstock is: 

  • Flexible - With a “clicks not code” approach, manufacturers get easy-to-configure options on how they price, cost, manufacture, stock, supply and service products 
  • Truly Modern - Rootstock is built on the Salesforce Platform and Salesforce easily extends and upgrades enterprise applications with their multi-tenancy platform model
  • Digitally Connected - The Salesforce Platform has an innate ability to automatically support mobile devices, to securely externalize ERP functionality into customer and supplier communities, and soon, the ability to enter the world of IoT in a more packaged way.