Live Webinar - March 29, 1pm EST

Surviving & Thriving in 2023 - Insights from the Big Players in Cannabis


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Surviving & Thriving in 2023: Insights from the Big Players in Cannabis

The Cannabis industry is at an inflection point with massive consolidation, supply chain inefficiency, legal ambiguity, and economic uncertainty looming large in 2023. Many are searching how to move on to greener pastures, and we have the roadmap.

Rootstock is trusted by the most established companies and solution providers in the cannabis space to automate inventory and supply chain processes, reduce costs, and maintain quality while adapting to constantly changing compliance requirements. We will combine our brain power with two such organizations, Kiva Brands and Ladd Partners, to teach you how to keep your momentum going in 2023.

Join Abe Satten, ERP Application Manager at Kiva Brands, and Mike Flannagan, Director of Business Development at Ladd Partners, in conversation with Raj Badarinath, Chief Marketing and Product Officer of Rootstock to see how the top players in the cannabis business are navigating the grey waters of the upcoming year. Additional topics include:

  • Inventory Management
  • Payments & financials
  • Margins and profitability
  • Reducing the cost of compliance
  • Normalization of cannabis business
  • Regulation (Safe Banking Act) 





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