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Unionwear Case Study 




Every industry is competitive, but apparel is brutal. The average U.S. household spends a fraction of what it used to on apparel. And almost everything still bought is made in other markets, where costs are much lower. Small wonder the U.S. apparel manufacturing industry is a shell of its former self.
So how did Unionwear, a maker of custom ball caps, totes and apparel, buck all the odds and become a success, especially in the historically expensive operating environment of Newark, New Jersey?
Read this Rootstock Customer Case Study to learn what’s behind Unionwear’s great story. You’ll learn:

  • Why Unionwear adheres to lean manufacturing principles
  • How Rootstock solutions help Unionwear realize the deep benefits of lean manufacturing
  • Next steps: further improvements Unionwear intends to create with Rootstock